Kaicho Raffi Liven (10.Dan)

the Master of Sho Shin Karate Do and Krav Maga LI

Kaicho Raffi Liven is the founder of the World Academy of Martial Arts. He created the Karate Style – Sho Shin Do – and the Krav Maga LI System. Read everything about his achievements in Karate and his developments of Krav Maga.

What makes Kaicho Liven unique:

He fights against a cancer and he still beats it! 

The doctors gave him 6 month back to live. This was in December 1980. He is still strong like a bull, faster than a jet and still running on. If you want to learn to survive against anything, learn from him.

In 1980 the doctors found a malignant tumor in Kancho Livens sinus. Already short after the dangerous surgery and irradiation just after the operation he started training very serious again, and as he explains it himself the physically and mentally power which he had developed through the many years of intensive training helped him to defeat the cancer. Until today Kancho Liven is fighting the cancer day by day and he proofs every human being can do it if he has the will to live, power and believe included doing positive things fx. open hand – Karate or Krav Maga what means hard training and to give always for the people around you. If you can give for the people around you without any border and not being greedy you can fight any sickness and live happy. That also means to give also even you don’t have fun for yourself. Never forget the physically training. People  are normally materialistic and greedy if they can change themselves they can do anything and the god gives back.

Kaicho Liven is helping people from time to time to fight against cancer, giving them his spirit and experience. If you have any questions or need help please contact Kaicho Liven by phone: +45 41 43 33 60 or email: info@shoshindo.dk.

He is the only one who saved a live of a policeman and became a hero for one day?!  – why? 

Kaicho Liven is very disappointed because when you put your live in danger and save a man against a criminal attack with weapons, you become a hero for one day. You are remembered by the society just for a few days. Kancho Liven is asking why, when a person murders a policeman he is remembered for a long time by the police and by the society, but when you save a policeman or somebody you are marked for a short time and after a few days nobody remembers you… 

Good things are falling into oblivion very fast.

World Records

Kaicho Raffi Liven is holding 12 types of world records during the last 35 years. 
Some of those records nobody did before and nobody is going to do it in the future.