Krav Maga LI

Krav Maga the official self-defense and close-combat system of the Israeli army

Krav Maga which is the hebrew word for contact (close -) fight, is originated in one of the most beautiful and historically most interesting countries of our earth. On the other hand this land comes into the headlines because of assassination attempts, bomb attacks and neverending political and religious conflicts. For the friends of martial arts Israel was so far probably rather a white mark on the map, but whom may it surprise that just one of the most efficient self-defense systems of the present time was developed there. Krav Maga the official close combat and self-defense system of the Israeli army, the police and security forces was developed in an environment where the Israeli military could not devote many hours of hand to hand combat training for their personnel. 

Therefore the Krav Maga system was developed to bring students to a high level of skill, in a relatively short period of time. It is also taught in the institutions of the Israeli Education Ministry. Krav Maga was originated by Imi Lichtenfeld who developed it during his remarkable career, first as chief instructor of the hand to hand combat with the I.D.F. then within varius civilian frameworks.

Everything is permitted

The idea, behind the Krav Maga can be summarized with a few words: “everything is permitted, when you are fighting for your own or others lives!”

Becide physical training the instruction contains the development of a mental dicipline and the ability to master violent situations under stress. The student learns to use the trained techniques in dangerous situations reflex-like and to keep an appropriate mental attitude. Great importance is attached to the training of this mental attitude and discipline as a prerequisite of the control of a situation. Based on the analysis of innumerable incidents that can occur in reality the reaction on violent situations will be practised in the training. Handling armed and unarmed opponents belonges to this as well as e.g. the practice of the learned techniques at confined or dark places under utilization of all local conditions. These training methods are used in most Israeli elite units and proved their effectiveness often in the reality.

The Krav Maga system covers two main parts, self-defense and close combat. Self-defense as the basis of the system contains learning of different techniques, which enable a defense against a multiplicity of violent attacks, like fist attacks, kicks, strangleholds, armed attacks with a knife, baseball bats or pistols.

Close combat is the more fastidious phase of Krav Maga, that teaches the advanced student how to disable the attacker fast and effective. It covers the elements of the actual controlling of the fight like tactics, the combination of different techniques, feints and physiological aspects of a fight.

Krav Maga is a modern highly developed self-defense and combat system against attacks on the street or sexual annoyances. The techniques taught in Krav Maga contain similarities with those of Ju Jitsu and Karate but without spectacular and demonstrative features. Thus there are no Katas or even sport competition because there exist no restrictive rules for fighting.

Krav Maga is not holding on traditional techniques and ways of thinking. It is a modern and effective system of self-defence adjusted and continually developed to satisfy  the needs of the present time.

The Definition of Krav Maga Liven International

Krav Maga Liven International is the evolution of the Krav Maga system through the skill and experience of Kancho Raffi Liven. Kancho Liven’s development of the system is one of the only developments accepted by the late Master Imi Lichtenfeld. Kancho Liven has utilized his vast street knowledge and experience and created the most simple and effective form of self defense ever created! 

Kancho Raffi Liven and Imi Lichtenfeld were very close, over the years they developed a father/son relationship due to Imi’s love for Kancho Raffi Liven’s ambition and will to be great. Imi was always impressed with Kancho Liven’s skill.He was particularly impressed with Kancho Liven during a meeting in which Kancho Liven began to show Imi the latest developments that he had made to the Krav Maga System. This really amazed Imi, for so long he wondered why none of his other students had taken the initiative to try to better the system that he had created. 

Kancho Raffi Liven gained this knowledge through his many experiences over the years. He has served in the Israeli Army as a soldier and para-trooper, been the most well known bodyguard in Europe, served as a bodyguard for the President of the Carribean island of Martinique, as well instructing military units and special forces all over the world. Kancho Raffi Liven has more than 1000 fights to his credit with criminals and other bad people. Kancho Liven offers a way for the common man to prevail over their attacker and defend themselves in all situations. Kancho Raffi Liven’s Krav Maga is the only form of self defense created from real street experience and street situations. Kancho Raffi Liven has taken the very best of various elements and combined them to form the perfect self defense system.