In Memory of Kaicho Jon Bluming – 101 fights in 101 minutes

On 02.03.2019 we are going to held a memorial event to honor Kaicho Jon Bluming .

101 fights in 101 minutes

We meet on saturday 02.03.2019  in our academy in Århus / Denmark. Everybody is welcome to take part in 101 fights in 101 minutes – all round fighting and traditional Kumite. 

After the event we are going to make a big party to celebrate Kaicho Raffi Livens 70. birthday. 

For further questions please contact us: tel. (+45) 41 43 33 60 or via email:

You are welcome to join an exiting Karate event in Århus – the smallest big town in the world!

Weekend Seminar with Kaicho Raffi Liven in Denmark

Our Self defence + Pizza Free of Charge Seminar: on Sunday 08/07/2018 

meeting in the:

Academy of Martial Arts
Søren Nymarksvej 25A
8270 Højbjerg 


meet at 12.45, start training at 13.00, eating Pizza at 14.30 …
Every One is Welcome …
Children….Men and Women….
See You .. it’s very Soon …


S.A.A.T. Security Seminar

We like to invite you to our next seminar in Denmark. Please contact us when you are interested to take part.
It is possible to arrive already on friday and join our normal training training. If you want to stay overnight in the dojo please inform us.